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Attract Other Agents

Agent Attraction Webinar “Watch This First”

Recruiting Documents Are Contained Here

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Recruiting Training

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How to Approach Recruiting and Get Results
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Onboarding Tracker
GIA Team Agreemen

GIA Team Platform Walkthrough

KVcore Marketing Campaign

Watch this training video first

Agent Attraction Text Campaign


Nurturing Text Campaign – Use this text campaign to connect with agents for recruitment.
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Agent Attraction Email Campaign


Nurturing Campaign – To be used after you’ve tried to recruit someone but weren’t able to get them to commit.
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Opportunity Campaign (Agents Who Want to Grow) Campaign


Gain the knowledge and have access to the necessary tools to grow your real estate business.
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Opportunity Campaign (Teams)

There has never been a better time to join eXp than now. This email campaign explains all the benefits to assist you in recruiting agents.
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Talking Points and Script for Agent Attraction