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Webinar episode 64


The top 10 Tax strategies for Real Estate Investors and Agents

Webinar episode 63


Unique strategy on how to pay off a mortgage early AND save/invest for the future at the same time all without sacrificing their current lifestyle

Webinar episode 62


Wholesaling: What to do when a wholesale doesn’t go through – You can flip, rent or lease option and we covered all 3 scenarios

Webinar episode 61


  • Net Listings

  • LLC’s

  • Selling the Contract

Webinar episode 60


  • The Blue Print on how to profit by making as many as 4 commissions AND a wholesale fee on each deal

  • The checklist of steps to follow when working with Wholesalers

Webinar episode 59


  • Leveraging your efforts for multiple streams of income

  • Building your team

  • Building a team of service providers for your clients


Webinar episode 58


2 step process of working with investors in the field when buying rentals AND we went over lease options

Webinar episode 57


New websites for students to get market data. Also, went over how to analyze flips

Webinar episode 56


REO, short sale and estate sales AND we demonstrated the websites for HUD, VA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae listings

Webinar episode 55


Specific instructions on how to identify new areas for investing, working with Flippers and Landlords, and providing property management services for us and our clients

Webinar episode 54


RH Funding – Elizabeth Fragale and Corey Anglin – discussing financing for investor properties

Webinar episode 53


Working with local banks, Rental Property Reporter, ARV and MAO

Webinar episode 52


School report, Opportunity Evaluator, booklet

Webinar episode 51


Property Management – Section 8, Charitable Organizations, Leases, Rules and Regulations, Security Deposits, Pets and Smokers

Webinar episode 50


Property management – systems and screening

Webinar episode 49


12 step process with your clients to ensure you make the best offers on the best properties!

Webinar episode 48


How to build a team using the investor agent model

Webinar episode 47


Hiring a virtual assistant

Webinar episode 46


Featured: Denver, CO KW TL Leigh Archer shares his best methods for working with Investors!

Webinar episode 45


The booklet, a new example, plus 5 tools for proper use

Webinar episode 44


REO’s – how to work with Asset Managers and how to get local bank properties

Webinar episode 43


Analyzing Flips!

Webinar episode 42


Using the cash flow calculator, the Opportunity Evaluator and the Rental Property Reporter to analyze rental properties

Webinar episode 41


Investor – Agent Community Site

Webinar episode 40


Finding the right neighborhood – Part 2

Webinar episode 39


Finding the right neighborhood – Part 1

Webinar episode 38


How to find the best properties in the best areas using: School report, Melissa Data and Planning commission website.

Webinar episode 37


Part 4 of the 4 part series “The classroom method”. Part 4: How to hold a class for your clients.

Webinar episode 36


Part 3 of the 4 part series “The classroom method”. Part 3: Wholesaling.

Webinar episode 35


Part 2 of the 4 part classroom series – Part 2: Teaching Rentals to clients.

Webinar episode 34


Part 1 of the 4 part series on holding a class for your investors – Part 1: focusing on Flipping

Webinar episode 33


Review of all the marketing techniques and how they can be combined to be used with each other.

Webinar episode 32


Building you own website

Webinar episode 31


Using YouTube in marketing.

Webinar episode 30


Using Craigslist to advertise listings and how to use HUD listings when you don’t have any of your own listings.

Webinar episode 29


  • Using local publications to sell your listings and other listings too and to get buyers.

  • Using the letter for FSBO’s.

  • Using the letter for expireds and for using workplace workshops to build your affinity (niche) group.

Webinar episode 28


Using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in your marketing to and for Investors.

Webinar episode 27


Marketing techniques using Investor clubs, grocery stores, churches and restaurants to attract investors.

Webinar episode 26


Using the custom letter to attract sellers. Using County court records to locate sellers.

Webinar episode 25


The booklet used to attract professionals and business owners.

Webinar episode 24


Implementing workshops and using Meetup to increase participation.

Webinar episode 23


Forclosures … How to find them, how to make offers on them and how to negotiate the deals. Bonus – 3 more websites that can be used for research.

Webinar episode 22


Getting inventory for yourselves and your clients – using the letter and free web resources like county property data and court records.

Webinar episode 21


13 step instructions to follow for working with investors who buy rentals.

Webinar episode 20


Using the cash flow worksheet, Opportunity Evaluator and Rental Property Reporter for analyzing rentals.

Webinar episode 19


Using the cash flow worksheet, Opportunity Evaluator and Rental Property Reporter for analyzing rentals.

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